Friday, July 20, 2012

Magnesium: An overlooked nutrient?

Magnesium nutrition of plants is frequently overlooked and shortages can adversely impact plant growth.  Many essential functions require adequate Mg supplies... the most visible being its role in chlorophyll and photosynthesis... but less visible reactions are also dependent on an adequate supply of Mg.  When needed, a variety of soluble and slowly soluble Mg sources are available to meet crop demands.

Here is a brief article that I wrote about the topic:
Magnesium: An overlooked nutrient?

 It summarizes two articles that were earlier written in the magazine Better Crops.

They can be found at:

Ismail Cakmak and Atilla M. Yazici. 2010. Better Crops 94(2):23-25.

Soil and Fertilizer Magnesium

Robert Mikkelsen. Better Crops. 2010. 94(2):26-28.

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